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Arrow Season 2 Episode 1: City of Heroes

Airing Date: October 9, 2013


Do you heard the news? about Felicity Smoak appearance on this season! we'll to all the fans of this awesome woman that she will have many appearance this for this is her shine to kick some ass and funny moment that i am looking forward about it. For as i read an spoiler regarding to Felicity this upcoming season two that she will have more brave and fierce side to felicity Smoak. According to the Executive Producer which was our Andrew Kriesberg that he revealed about felicity this season that she will have an discover to himself which an parachute would certainly have come in handy. In if you are want to get her just watch Arrow Season 2 Episode 1 Online that will return on October 9, 2013 only at tvlinks1.com.


We first meet Felicity that she was working in the Queen's Industry that she was an programmer that specialist that field and when she find about Arrow that he was son of his boss we'll because she had an trust and faith towards Oliver in that is the reason why she companion with him and they had an something sparkling happen in that moment that i know deep inside Felicity much more like the way happened top his life that she was par of the security and save the humankind of staling city and other city in that place. In this will be an boom season of this show thanks to CW!...


Arrow Season 2 Episode 1: City of Heroes. In the premiere episode Felicity is persevere to get back Oliver in starling city with the help of Diggle in they had an adventure in life and death situation that happen in Lian Yu. Which this is the first appearance of Emily Bett Rickhards as Felicity Smoak, Colton Haynes as Roy Harper (Red Arrow) and Manu Bennett as Slade Wilson that they will b a regulars of this show.

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