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Arrow Season 2 Episode 2: Identity

Airing Date: October 16, 2013


Do you heard the new about one of the character in Homeland will have an visit in starling city? we'll if not here's the spoiler. Starling Cit will get another newest character that he will able be an villain in season 2 that will be appear this October in episode five. That Homeland's Navid Negahban will be playing a mysterious villain in Arrow. Navid Negahban will be guest starring as the villainous Al-Owal. Begahban will appear in episode 5 of Arrow season 2 that eh was described to be a formidable enemy. Meticulous, driven and also ideal one, so if you are wondering if what is the meaning of the named "Al-Owal we'll the meaning in "The First," in he was a very close to Oliver Queen. In if you wanted to see this an just watch the next episode of Arrow Season 2 Episode 2: Identity that will be due on October 16, 2013 only at watchseries1.eu.


To all DC Comics fans i know you are familiar with this for you recognized Al-Owal's membership in the shadowy League of Assassins which is headed up by Ra's Al Ghul, one of Batman greatest enemy (played by Liam Neeson in batman Begins.)I just wants to make an logic that this man was also an assassin that i might be a person will be pay to hit a person or another thing must be China White new recruit after Bronze Tiger but i had a right to what i said but i know that if we will see each episode we will getting near to this person who was been Oliver new enemy and i am hoping Oliver will able to kick his ass and once again saved the starling city.


Watch Arrow Season 2 Episode 2 Online. In if you are excited to see more League Assassins member appear in Arrow Season and what will be could Al-Owal want from Oliver?